Cumbre Tajín, Takilhsukut Theme Park, Papantla, Mexico, 17th-21 March

Off We Go to Mexico 

If you are in need of relaxation Mexico is the place to be in March. The annual Cumbre Tajín at the Takilhsukut Theme Park in Veracruz encompasses high culture, ecotourism, steam baths, music and anything related to nurturing the mind, body and spirit. Enjoy several days of non-stop entertainment, featuring singers, dancers and much more.
There are temazacal steam baths, healing and many alternative therapies to sort out the body, as well as knitting, pottery, masks, candle and breathing workshops to dip into.
All of this takes place in the area where the old Totonac people traditionally lived. Their allegiance to the earth and mysticism are important qualities that Cumbre Tajín seeks to recapture every year. Take time to visit the nearby UNESCO World Heritage Site of El Tajín too.

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Maria Andreou
Co Publisher