British couple face a Prison sentence in Dubai for Kissing In Public

The news coming from the Middle East of a Dubai court that recently sentenced a British couple to a month in prison for merely kissing in public seems counter productive to a destination that has spent billions in oil Dollars building a "Mass Market" Tourism infrastructure with a strong focus to attract visitors from Western countries.  The only way we can describe this situation is with a Limmerick...

A kiss on the lips may be quite Continental
But it seems to be illegal in Dubai
Strange for a country that, can't pay the rental
To enforce this law of an eye for eye
It was a local Emirati woman that actually called the Police after she claimed to witness the 2 Brits kissing on the mouth. The young couple in question Ayman Najafi (24 years old) and Charlotte Adams 25 (years old) stated to a Dubai appeals court that the case was a "huge misunderstanding" and they were simply kissing on the cheek.

Police said the Emirati woman called the authorities because her daughters were upset after witnessing the couple kiss on the mouth at a busy Burger Restaurant.

The pair are expected to be present in court again on the 4th of April for a verdict on their appeal.
Interestingly, they have already been fined $272 for being in a public place after consuming alcohol.
Last year another British couple were sentenced to 3 months in prison for having sex on the beach.