Warm Southern Hemisphere

Greetings from the Cruise Port city of Santos, where the temperature reached over 36 degrees this week. Here I am tucking into a bowl of Acai, a wonder Berry from the Amazon that apparently prolongs life, gives energy and helps one to lose weight! Best of all is tastes great and one can eat it like a Sorbet.

Well what a challenging travel year its proving to be, first we had to experience major transport delays all over Europe and East America in particular due to snow, ice and blizzards and now Lufthansa is on strike! The poor German travellers have had it hard and the timings could not be more annoying for the Business Traveller that needs to visit Germany.

Its been a tough time for Greeks too, as the economy slip slides away and we learn the reality of their deficit, which is 4 times lower than EU rules. The Euro is under pressure and the outlook for the Pound does not look promising, so is this the great return of the Dollar?  More interestingly Aegean Airlines and Olympic Air shareholders have decided to join forces and form one giant national carrier. Good for them, but I hope that it turns out more like Aegean that the old Olympic Airlines. This is a feature article this week along with the best kept secret in Cyprus, a little known real spring water SPA Hotel called Agii Anargyri Natural Healing Spa Resort.

Wherever you are in the world this week travel light and fly right!

Grant Holmes