Killer frozen urine falls from plane! Can we trust Travel Media?

"A British woman happened to be strolling across Wandsworth Common in London, when she was hit and killed by shaft of frozen urine falling from a plane's leaky toilet".

The tale naturally, as anyone with an ounce of common sense realises is false, however it was conjured up by a spoof news programme called "The Day Today" then on the airwaves in the Nineties.

Even though this was a prank a Photoshop manipulated picture of a woman lying on Wandsworth Common with a large urine icicle lodged in her side, spread like wildfire on the Internet's travel and shock news communities and has been there ever since.

This article is to serve as a timely reminder that you cannot trust everything you read on the Internet and that goes too for consumer feedback driven sites like UK's Trip Adviser, whereby it is common knowledge that some unscrupulous Hotel Operators create bogus negative comments to give a competitor Hotel a negative rating. The same bogus ratings are created to the positive side also completely generating false rating results. There are of course many legitimate comments and feedback coming from the site that has good intentions, however perception, season, timing and individual critics can vary dramatically and puts everything up in the air!

Worst still confirmed reports concerning last year's highlighted cases of so called Lonely Planet Professional Travel Writers that actually plagiarised their writing strikes me as more alarming. Some of these writers never even travelled to the places they were supposed to specialise in. Yet Lonely Planet continues regardless to make its millions on travel related resources.

At Perpetual Traveller we try to give you the low down and cold hard reality so that you can make an informed choice.