White House Report on Failed Airline Bomb Plot

Late Thursday afternoon, the White House released its "Summary Regarding 12/25/2009 Attempted Terrorist Attack". The full text is available here on the White House website.
The following is what the Obama administration says are the "most significant" findings of the preliminary review:
The U.S. Government had sufficient information prior to the attempted December 25 attack to have potentially disrupted the AQAP plot-i.e., by identifying Mr. Abdulmutallab as a likely operative of AQAP and potentially preventing him from boarding flight 253.
The Intelligence Community leadership did not increase analytic resources working on the full AQAP threat.
The watchlisting system is not broken but needs to be strengthened and improved, as evidenced by the failure to add Mr. Abdulmutallab to the No Fly watchlist.
A reorganization of the intelligence or broader counterterrorism community is not required to address problems that surfaced in the review, a fact made clear by countless other successful efforts to thwart ongoing plots.

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By Planet Data