Tongue and Cheek Airline and Aviation Acronyms

The Travel Industry the world over features its own brand of insider amusing coded language and quirky communications.

None of this is directly intended to cause offense, neither does it necessarily serve to be an accurate indication of service levels or the qualities of the organizations involved, Moreover, as you will notice, some no longer exist. Instead they were likely created at moments of creativity or by way of a travellers frustrated expression to have a laugh.

Some of these acronyms or more precisely 'backronyms' and can be potentially offensive, so if you are very easily offended, then this is not a recommended read.

Here goes in alphabetical order:
  • AIR INDIA After I Return I'll Never Do It Again. 
  • ALITALIA Always Late In Take-off, Always Late In Arrival!  
  • AWA America's Worst Airline. 
  • BEA Britian's Excuse for an Airline
  • BOAC Boys Overseas After Crumpet 
  • BWIA But Will It Arrive? or Britain's Worst Investment Abroad! 
  • DELTA Divert Everyone's Luggage To Atlanta! or Don't Expect Luggage To Arrive! 
  • EASYJETEconomy Airline Slows Your Journey Every Time. 
  • EL AL Every Landing Always Late. 
  • KLM Keeps Losing Money. 
  • LIAT Luggage In Another Terminal. 
  • LOT Lot Of Troubles! 
  • LUFTHANSA Let Us Find The Hostess As No Steward Available! 
  • OLYMPIC Onassis Likes Your Money Paid In Cash!
  • PAL Plane Always Late. 
  • PIA Prayers In Air.  
  • QANTAS Quite A Nice Trip All Survived. 
  • SAHSA Stay At Home Stay Alive. 
  • SABENA Such A Bad Experience, Never Again. 
  • SAS Sex And Satisfaction or Scandinavian Alcoholic System. 
  • SWISSAIR Sexy Women In Swissair Services Are Indeed Rare. 
  • TACA Take A Chance Airlines or Tres Accidentes Cada Ano (Spanish: Three Accidents Counted Annually). 
  • TAP Take Another Plane 
  • TWA Travel With Anxiety! - Terrorists Welcome Aboard 
  • UTA Unlikely To Arrive. 
  • WIA Whenever It Arrives.
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HANF – have a nice flight!