Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority sets water and waste savings targets to action by end of 2010

Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority (ADTA) is spearheading a major campaign to deliver substantial, sector-wide energy, water and waste reduction by the end of 2010.

Under its industry-leading Environmental, Health and Safety Management System (EHSMS) for the emirate?s entire tourism sector, ADTA is targeting 10% energy, 20% water and 20% waste-to-landfill savings over the coming year.

?These ambitious targets are aimed at improving the environmental performance of hotels so that they are in line, if not better than, the world?s greenest hotels,? explained Nasser Al Reyami, ADTA?s Director Tourism Standards.

The initiatives have been rolled out in a series of EHSMS seminars and workshops to help stakeholders, hotels in particularly, kick-start programmes aimed at meeting the 12 month deliverables. The seminars have given delegates an introduction to Abu Dhabi?s tourism sector EHSMS, outlined how organisations can develop an individual entity EHSMS and how to audit it.

?We have received a tremendous response to the initiative with more than 130 representatives from the emirate?s 113 hotels and hotel apartments responding,? explained Al Reyami. ?Participants have been extremely positive about the initiative viewing it as a significant investment in the hotel sector.?

ADTA?s EHSMS is the first in the world developed to encompass an entire tourism sector. ?Traditionally EHSMS has been applied only at entity level,? explained Al Reyami. ?The system covers all environmental, health and safety aspects of hotels, hotel apartments and tourism operators within the emirate and requires each of the entities to develop their own systems.

?The initiative helps fulfil ADTA?s regulatory obligations under the Executive Council?s EHS decree of June 2009 and is essential in helping to achieve the authority?s vision of promoting a globally recognised, outstanding and sustainable tourism destination. In taking this initiative we recognise the authority?s responsibility to the Government and community to ensure the sustainability of the industry we serve.?

ADTA has pledged to support its hospitality sector throughout the entire EHSMS project implementation. ?We will provide subsidised training workshops to help them develop their own systems allowing representatives to attend at nominal rates well below market prices,? said Al Reyami.

?The requirements have a solid business outcome for the entire tourism sector. They will boost standards, lift Abu Dhabi?s appeal as a pleasant and safe place to visit and deliver substantial ROI for accommodation providers as it increases their business,? added Al Reyami.

The EHSMS roll-out has been given an enthusiastic welcome by stakeholders. ?This is a fantastic move that ADTA has started,? said Eva Lowela Moraca of Vision Hotel Apartments.? ?Everyone is now starting to realise the importance of EHSMS. This is a big step for all hotels and tourism sector partners and it is an essential going forward.?
And some participants say EHSMS issues are now coming to the fore through guest enquiries.? ?This training is a big help. In fact there are a number of our guests who express concern for the environment and often they put forward suggestions ? this shows it is an issue and that working together for a better environment can benefit the hotel business,? said Nicole Donato of Platinum Hotel Apartments.

More information on ADTA?s environmental initiatives contact ehs@adta.ae

About ADTA: Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority (ADTA) was established in September 2004.It has wide ranging responsibilities for building and developing the emirate's tourism industry. These include; destination marketing; infrastructure and product development and regulation and classification. A key role is to create synergy in the international promotion of Abu Dhabi through close co-ordination with the emirate's hotels, destination management companies, airlines and other public and private sector travel-related organisations.