Venezuela Military Accused of Colombia Airspace Violation

Malaysia Arrests 10 Linked to Airline Bombing Attempt

Doomed Ethiopian Jet's Data Recorders Located

NASA Sets February 7 Launch Date for Shuttle Endeavour

Russian Space Tech Company Plans Nuclear Projects

India to Launch Manned Space Mission in 2016


Suspected U.S. Drone Crash in Pakistan

Ethiopian Airlines Jet Crashes in Mediterranean

Plane Catches Fire Landing at Iranian Airport

Passenger Tried to Open Door in Mid-Flight

Who's Searching Your Laptop at the Airport?

Bird Strike Forces Jet Back to Dulles

Top Worldwide Events February 2010

German Computer Group Finds Airport Security Threat

AirTran Gets New Director of Corporate Security

Security Breach Shuts Down JFK

Passenger Making Bomb Threats Forces Emergency Landing

Report of "Credible" al-Qaeda Threat

TB-Infected Man on Don't Fly List Allowed on Philly to San Fran Flight

Mini Asteroid Makes Unannounced Visit Near Earth

DHS Secretary Going to Europe to Discuss Aviation Security

Transport Canada Raises Aviation Sector Alert

China Tests Missile Intercept System

Singapore Airlines on top of the world!

NORAD Fighters Escort Commercial Jet to Colorado Springs

Power Out at Cleveland Airport

Boston Airport Briefly Closed for Aborted Takeoff

Georgian Airways Renews Direct Flights to Russia

European Travel Disrupted by Frigid Weather

White House Report on Failed Airline Bomb Plot

Securty-Test Explosives Make it on Flight

Bakersfield Airport Security Incident Caused by Honey

Hawaii-Bound Jet Turns Around Due to Disruptive Passenger

Newark Airport Security Cameras Not Recording During Breach

Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority sets water and waste savings targets to action by end of 2010

Russia Plans to Save Earth from Asteroid

Smoky Smells Cause Two Flight to Return to Logan

President Ties Christmas Terror Suspect to al-Qaeda

DHS Officials Going Overseas to Review Airport Security Measures