Ryanair plane slides onto a grass verge at Preswick in freezing conditions

As a direct consequence of the great freeze in Britain which occurred in the run up to Christmas, a Ryanair jet slid off the runway at Prestwick airport in Glasgow on the 23rd of December.  No casualties or major injuries amongst the 129 compliment of passengers and cabin crew were reported.

Frightful sub-zero and dangerous conditions caused the Boeing 737-800 plane to slide onto a grass verge off the runway of the second-largest airport of Glasgow as it taxied to the terminal.

Subsequently, Prestwick was forced to close for a period to enable emergency services to physically remove the jet from harms way.

It has been understood by Perpetual Traveller that both passengers and crew on the flight routed Dublin-to-Gatwick were taken by bus to the terminal after leaving the aircraft, however they had to navigate over a muddy patch of grass rather than the tarmac.

It appears that the aircraft experienced no actual damage, however the indicdent is likely to make some passengers at least think twice about flying in such conditions.