Nerves are jittery as a new security scare occurs on another flight from Amsterdam to detroit

Just 2 days after the original security scare on a plane from what is becoming a dreaded route between Amsterdam to Detroit, yet another notable emergency incident (enough to bother informing Barak Obama on his vacation) occurred.

This time a man also from Nigeria described as being nervous, locked himself inside the toilets of the plane during the flight. This suspicious behavior alerted crew to act.  Eventually no explosives were reported, however the man was later arrested, even though he was not considered as being a threat.

Aviation authorities in Detroit moved the plane to a secure location, but confirmed that no explosives or any other dangerous devices for that matter were found. Moreover, the FBI gave the all clear for the plane

Clearly Airlines, Aviation authorities and passengers are getting jumpy! With the advent of 2 incidents in 2 days over the Christmas period its causing security ramifications around the world in terms of the response and forced extra security checks of flights to the US. At Perpetual Traveller we call on the US and all Aviation authorities to use their common sense and not project these incidences to make passengers paranoid about security, by inconveniencing them unnecessarily or unintelligently via harsh security checks.

What do we mean we need extra security, I hear you say? Well, first and foremost, there is absolutely no way that the original offender Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab should have been able to pass through security with plastic explosives in any airport, especially when travelling to the US. This is not due to the lack of security checks however, its due to the fact that by using a mildly intelligent security system this person individually would have been easily targeted for additional security checks and without bothering all the other law abiding passengers. It does not take Sherlock Holmes to work this one out, here are the facts we know...

- The person in question paid in cash over 3,000 USD for the flight ticket.
- The person in question was on a US Security watch list.
- The person in question did not check-in any luggage whatsoever.

All of these points should have rang alarm bells and it is most concerning that it did not. Instead the usual response to step up security for all passengers prevailed, which suspects everyone and targets no-one. Naturally in security terms this is not a smart thing to do!