Greetings from the Gateway of Cyprus

Warm Greetings from the gateway of Cyprus, Larnaka the hottest place in Europe with temperatures unbelievably above 20 degrees in December, whilst most of Europe is experiencing rain with many northern locations suffering a sub-zero freeze.

Its here in Larnaka a city of only 70,000 residents that the new state of the art international airport terminal opened in mid-November (see article) that is equipped to handle 7.5 million passengers. Larnaka will also see the development of a new cruise ship port and marina in the coming years and currently the winning consortium of a long tender bid process is negotiating with the Government. This development will underline the fact that Larnaka is the clearly the gateway of Cyprus.

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This week we bring you news of protectionism taking place by the German Aviation Authorities with
The great German airfare price hike! and our monthly special round up of the Top Worldwide Events. There are more articles besides with Aviation Security, Global Security, Hypo Global and Cyprus Events.

Dare I say Happy Christmas Shopping!

Grant Holmes
Perpetual Traveller