BA Cabin Crew Christmas Strike called off

BA passengers will be relieved to learn that the potential threat of the feared Christmas strike has now thankfully and wisely been lifted by the courts. This is a decision that will be welcomed by literally hundreds of thousands of families in the UK and all around the world for that matter.

Many believe there was never any proper grounds for such a strike and travellers now trust that the Union Unite will cease this opportunity to reconsider such damaging actions in the future. The last thing the British national carrier and the travelling public at large in the UK need to hear especially at this time of recession and right at the peak festive season is the cold threat of strikes.

Judging by passenger feedback it has also become apparent that they no longer have the stomach for old-style trade union militancy, which in many respects would be counter productive to the central cause.

BA is on a quest to attain profitability, as they consider that financial success is fundamental to build the kind of Company that shareholders and customers alike desire, which in turn would generate sustainable opportunities for BA staff.