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Man with Chemicals and Syringe Arrested at Mogadishu Airport

African Union officials have just announced that a Somali man was arrested in November as he attempted to board a commercial aircraft while carrying two chemicals and a syringe filled with some type of liquid.
The suspect tried to board a Daallo Airlines flight in Mogadishu that was bound first for the northern Somali city of Hargeisa, then Djibouti, and then Dubai.
It seems this incident is being made public now because of the similar circumstances to the case of the Nigerian man accused of trying to blow up Northwest Airlines Flight 253 from Amsterdam to Detroit on December 25.

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Volcanic Ash Disrupts Puerto Rico Air Travel

On Tuesday volcanic ash from the Soufriere volcano grounded dozens of flights into and out of Puerto Rico. But as of early this morning (12/30), airlines had resumed their flight schedules reports

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Georgia to Resume Direct Flights to Russia

Russia on Monday (12/28) gave Georgia permission to resume direct chartered airline flights to Moscow and Saint Petersburg for the first time since the two countries went to war in August 2008. The flights were expected to take place for the New Years holiday weekend, but Georgian Airways has had to push the flights back to January 6-25.

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Nerves are jittery as a new security scare occurs on another flight from Amsterdam to detroit

Just 2 days after the original security scare on a plane from what is becoming a dreaded route between Amsterdam to Detroit, yet another notable emergency incident (enough to bother informing Barak Obama on his vacation) occurred.

This time a man also from Nigeria described as being nervous, locked himself inside the toilets of the plane during the flight. This suspicious behavior alerted crew to act.  Eventually no explosives were reported, however the man was later arrested, even though he was not considered as being a threat.

Aviation authorities in Detroit moved the plane to a secure location, but confirmed that no explosives or any other dangerous devices for that matter were found. Moreover, the FBI gave the all clear for the plane

Clearly Airlines, Aviation authorities and passengers are getting jumpy! With the advent of 2 incidents in 2 days over the Christmas period its causing security ramifications around the world in terms of the response and forced extra security checks …

Latest terrorist scare means a step up in security measures

A Nigerian man named Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab was arrested on Christmas Day following his failed bizarre attempt to ignite and detonate a kind of explosive device on board a Northwest Airlines flight from Amsterdam that landed in Detroit Metro Airport, Michigan. After much to do which involved shouting by the suspect about the war in Afghanistan as he created a fore of sorts, the plane eventually landed safely and in the end only the suspect himself was injured. It is understood that the alleged terrorist was clearly on the passenger manifesto that was routinely forwarded to the U.S. authorities prior to takeoff and was later cleared. Apparently he had a U.S. visa valid for the first half of 2010.

As a direct consequence of this terrorist incident, the U.S. authorities requested foreign airports to step-up security measures on all passengers boarding flights departing to the U.S. In reality this meant that airline passengers across Eurozone immediately had to endure additional body …

Ryanair plane slides onto a grass verge at Preswick in freezing conditions

As a direct consequence of the great freeze in Britain which occurred in the run up to Christmas, a Ryanair jet slid off the runway at Prestwick airport in Glasgow on the 23rd of December.  No casualties or major injuries amongst the 129 compliment of passengers and cabin crew were reported.

Frightful sub-zero and dangerous conditions caused the Boeing 737-800 plane to slide onto a grass verge off the runway of the second-largest airport of Glasgow as it taxied to the terminal.

Subsequently, Prestwick was forced to close for a period to enable emergency services to physically remove the jet from harms way.

It has been understood by Perpetual Traveller that both passengers and crew on the flight routed Dublin-to-Gatwick were taken by bus to the terminal after leaving the aircraft, however they had to navigate over a muddy patch of grass rather than the tarmac.

It appears that the aircraft experienced no actual damage, however the indicdent is likely to make some passengers at least thi…

Iran to Unveil New Homegrown Military Satellite

Iran's Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi said today (12/23) that his nation intends to unveil its newest domestically designed and manufactured military satellite dubbed the "Toloo" in February 2010.

He did not say when it would be launched.

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Otters on a Cargo Plane!

A pair of otters broke out of their cage in the cargo hold of a Continental Airlines jet Tuesday night in Houston delaying the flight to Ohio for about an hour.

The animals apparently got into the passengers' luggage and then scurried across the tarmac before being rounded up.

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Jet Crashes at End of Runway in Jamaica

An American Airlines jet overran a runway and crashed while landing at Jamaica's Norman Manley International Airport Tuesday night. At least 40 passengers are injured.

According to the local media (here, here), the jet "broke" into several pieces upon impact. American Airlines denies these reports.

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The deep freeze causes travel chaos

Greetings from a snow driven Genoa, where like most European cities weather conditions are below freezing and travel chaos is the natural consequence, with airports closing and long traffic build ups becoming the norm.

The only reliable advice I can give you for the coming Christmas is simply don't travel! I'm sure that this is precisely what many readers do not want to hear, due to family and festive commitments, but here are some reasons why not:

Freezing conditions caused widespread travel disruption and challenges throughout Europe. Few places in Eurozone were spared as air, rail and road traffic suffered delays, closure or disruption.

In particular Eurostar Channel Tunnel trains (between UK and France) came to a stand still somewhere in the 25 miles of tunnel track, as thousands of passengers waited with diminishing Oxygen levels inside carriages for up to 15-18 hours without food or water provisions! Eventually passengers were evacuated. Electrical problems were sited…

BA Cabin Crew Christmas Strike called off

BA passengers will be relieved to learn that the potential threat of the feared Christmas strike has now thankfully and wisely been lifted by the courts. This is a decision that will be welcomed by literally hundreds of thousands of families in the UK and all around the world for that matter.

Many believe there was never any proper grounds for such a strike and travellers now trust that the Union Unite will cease this opportunity to reconsider such damaging actions in the future. The last thing the British national carrier and the travelling public at large in the UK need to hear especially at this time of recession and right at the peak festive season is the cold threat of strikes.

Judging by passenger feedback it has also become apparent that they no longer have the stomach for old-style trade union militancy, which in many respects would be counter productive to the central cause.

BA is on a quest to attain profitability, as they consider that financial success is fundamental to bu…

World Travel Awards 2009

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