2 wrongs do not make a right for Italian Aviation

Now that Alitalia and Air One effectively have the same owner "CAI" clear signs of a merging of operations are beginning to materialise. In the first instance a consolidation of flight routes took place, which in reality for the business and frequent traveller meant considerably less options and frequency.

The void in terms of lack of air routes is being gracefully filled by Ireland's Ryanair and Britain's easyjet who collectively dominate Italian Skies in regional airports and both are enjoying a steady rise in passenger numbers. Blu-Express, Air Italy and other relatively new airlines on the block are also taking advantage of the Air One Alitalia fiasco.

Having travelled to Naples, Genoa and Rome recently there are also indications of a streamlining of operations, however the situation is somewhat confusing. For example some flights are operated by Air One, however they possess and Alitalia air Crew and the exact reverse is occasional occurring also. In some regional airports like Genoa one can check-in for an Air One flight to Rome FCO for example from an Alitalia desk. However, conversely for the Air One Naples flight the check-in is conducted from the generic airport counter and with airport staff. Only in Italy can one discover such confusing scenarios.

It also appears that Air One is no longer part of Lufthansa's Miles and More Airmiles program. Instead they have opted to join the Skyteam frequent flyer club, thus joining sister Company Alitalia. It is therefore now possible to gain MillliMiglia airmiles when flying with Air One or Italia.

Regardless of all these developments its clear that 2 badly run airlines do not make one good one.