Greetings from London, New York, Tampa and Miami

Just arrived back from Cyprus from a twin vacation in both the UK and US, having visited the cities of London, New York, Tampa and Miami. I expected to see droves of people in masks due to the Swine Flu, however I saw only one mask in summer calm on the streets, despite disappointing weather in the northern cities. Nevertheless, there were many outbreaks of Swine Flu in many summer camps across the US, especially in Maine and we can all expect a massive outbreak of the Flu in Autumn.

Taking a vacation to a city in the summer may seem like an odd concept upon first analysis, although when one studies the matter deeper there is much to gain. Firstly in London and New York, many of the residents vacate the city for their summer beach retreats and the business activity slows down significantly, hence the streets are calmer and the best rates can be obtained in quality Hotels, particularly so for the business variety. There is entertainment in the form of Musicals, concerts, local festivals and a host of summer activities. Meanwhile the beaches are overly packed, expensive and best left for June or September / October.

This brings us neatly to our feature article this week, which focuses on “the counter flow concept” meaning doing the opposite of the masses. Its an interesting theory that many Perpetual Travellers practice to their benefit, so I trust that you will enjoy reading.