The great Airport location deceit

Greetings from Orio al Serio Airport, otherwise known as Milan Bergamo by Ryanair and other Budget Airlines. In actual fact this airport is located far away from Milan and it takes a short hour by Bus or Car to get there, though somewhat less by train, once you arrive to the station of course!

It seems that in the era of Budget Airlines there is a strong trend for cheaper Airports to name themselves by the nearest major city. Point in fact is last weeks announcement for the airport in Oxford UK, to call itself (brace yourself) "Oxford, London", even though they are some 60 miles away! 

There are many other examples of this trend such as Malmo Copenhagen, Girona Barcelona (completely another city) and Frankfurt-Hahn Airport (1.5 hour drive from the main Frankfurt airport). It was in fact Prestwick, Glasgow that started this low cost fashion that has caught many a traveller out, giving them the wrong impression that they are in fact somewhere close the the main city mentioned.

In conclusion, we strongly advise all Perpetual Travellers out there to research carefully where the airport you are travelling to actually is, especially if booked online through a Budget carrier. After all the additional transportation cost by Taxi or (roughing it) by Bus may eliminate the saving you are pretending to make in the first place, esepcially when considering all the add-ons the Budget Airlines are attempting to trick us with these days.

By Grant Holmes