What makes Munich Airport popular?

Hot summer 09 greetings from a mild Munich Airport, a facility that is reported to be one of Europe's best. So what makes this airport so popular?
Is it the bright shiny granite looking floors or the Germanic organisation? The long efficient Schindler walkways maybe or the rather unique retail area that includes a SPA, Sex Shop and high street type boutiques in the mix? Perhaps its the presence of window to window light filled glass, featuring glass fronted shops, a cluster of Camel sponsored glass Smoking cubicles (highly frequented and no Flu masks in here) and glass backed Cafes.
Or even my favourite the Viennese Sausages with bread for 4.90 euro and the Napcab a little safe sanctuary of privacy. The Napcab is in essence a cubicle in the middle of gate H32 with a bed, screen, table, Internet connection, atmospheric lighting and of course a glass door! It costs 10 euro per hour from 10pm - 6am, then 15 euro outside these times (minimum consumption 30 euro). It is a neat little idea and could prove to be a great alternative to the VIP Lounge. I also like the little details at Munich airport, like the picture of a fly inside the porcelain urinal! At first sight you think its real, then when you realise they all have a fly in the same spot, it helps you aim!

Munich airport is not all perfect though and there are some down sides too, which makes one wonder how it figures so well. For start there is a touch of LHR Terminal 1, with that low cieling feeling. There are no escalators for people with flight connections that have to change levels. The shops are varied but few in number and many close at 9pm, which I consider far too early. Even Cafes close early and they tend to be under-staffed, often leaving uncleared dirty tables and queues.

Nevertheless Munich overall scores well and its nice to see something different to the usual cloning that takes place at airports, so well done Munich for that!
Grant Holmes