What happened to Duty Free?

Seasonal summer greetings from the Marco Polo Airport of Venice, where a new first floor extension was recently opened in the Departure area, but its nothing to get excited about as its boils down to a little extra floor space, a couple of VIP Lounges, a Cafe and some over-priced commonly branded shops.

Did you ever wonder what happened to the great Duty Free experience and deals of the past? In Europe anyhow Duty Free was destroyed by the VAT taking EU. Airports all of the world seem to be more expensive than the high street today though. International airports maybe Duty Free, but they are certainly not profit free, nor are they free from extraordinary high rents from Airport Operators, which natural impacts on consumer prices. Moreover, leading luxury brands these days are focussed on positioning, marketing and hyping up products that are more often than not made in China or somewhere else in Asia even if the brand is essentially European or American.


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