The top ten most expensive cities in the world! 

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As a Perpetual Traveller reader no doubt you have considered to move to another city or country at some juncture in your life. Sometimes the decision of relocation is yours and other times its forced on you somewhat by your Company, circumstance or even a loved one! Some Perpetual Travellers relocate frequently and even get the 2 year itch, after all life is a journey and not a destination!

Whatever the case there are some crucial things you should know, before you turn a move into a reality. The most important issue is to appreciate whether you can maintain your current level of quality life in your newly selected home, by carefully considering the economic realities on the ground in your potential new destination in comparison with your salary or how much money you have or that will likely be generated. Many dreams have been shattered for lack of planning and wide range home economic accounting. Moreover, you must always factor in potential currency changes, worst case scenarios and the "Boom and Bust" cycles, which we were all reminded about in 2008.

Here follows the best rule of the thumb tool available you can utilise to check out the city you intend to live in. It features the top ten most expensive cities of the world, according to Mercers 2009 survey of cost of living. If your new home is near the top, unless you have a dream salary in a downturn or you are a prepared millionaire, you may want to think twice. The list also helps tourists and casual visitors appreciate where they can get the best value for their currency.

Since the last survey of 2007 there have been some interesting changes. Firstly, Tokyo Knocked Moscow off the top, becoming the most expensive city to live or own a house in worldwide! European cities dominate the list except its notable that London is not present, which due to the sinking pound dropped 13 places since 2007 to rank 16th overall. London subsequently offers the best value currently for the Mega cities on our planet and still offers the greatest value in air travel. Meanwhile, New York joins the top 10 list.

Awarded the most expensive city on the planet! If you are the type who desires eternal lashings of Sushi, then you should still seriously consider moving to the city of glitz unless you have the cash of course! Certainly Tokyo is not by any stretch of the imagination boring, as it features bright lights and great entertainment districts and quiet gardens to contrast. However, everything costs a pretty Yen!

Competing with Tokyo and slightly in the shadow, Osaka was historically the commercial capital of Japan. It has achieved great fame as the Mecca of gourmet food in Japan. Although the cost of living in Osaka is lower than Tokyo, it still represents a small fortune to live comfortably there. Nevertheless, in Osaka you can eat well and it is still possible to rough it cheaply and easily.

Seeing Moscow rank so high is actually a surprise to many. Moscow’s position as the third most expensive place to live on the globe has mostly to do with the continued rising cost of accommodation. For a medium level apartment in the centre of Moscow one is likely to spend around $2500 to $3500 a month. Moscow still is one of the most classic cities of Europe and it can offer an array of choices, although Hotels and Restaurants are expensive for the visitor and there are many money traps to fall into. Its best to know someone there you trust to help you navigate the twists and turns of local business rules and culture.

Is the most expensive city in Europe, considering Moscow is outside. Accommodation, energy and insurance policies seem to be the most expensive stealth taces of life in Geneva. Food and Hotels are not too bad though for the visitor with all ranges catered for.

Victoria Peak, harbour junks, quick access to mainland China and a sophisticated mix of ethnic races share the highlights of Hong Kong. This city is extraordinary and offers a multitude of fascinating experiences for visitors and residents alike. Hidden markets, nearby islands and lovely local beaches make Hong Kong worth every Dollar say many. The cost of living in Hong Kong is notably high however compared to other Asian countries. Everything in Hong Kong can be expensive from apartment’s rentals, to leisure expenses to basic commodities. Food stalls are reasonable though and if you plan well Hotels are affordable.

First class banking institutions, high-quality luxury goods and truly spectacular winter landscapes. Zurich considers itself as being a self-disciplined city, including the efficiency in which the businesses and services operate. Many locals are still devoutly faithful to the traditional customs and way of life. The convenience and benefits of living in Zurich come at a steep price though. A high cost of living in all circles, but the price is worth it for those that desire a dependable, timely well organised city.

According to the survey this is the most expensive Scandinavian city. Despite Copenhagen’s relatively consistent high cost of living over the past decade, the level has actually fallen by 10% compared to the 2008 survey.

New York is the only city of U.S included within the top ten mega expensive category and its a recent entry too. From Central Park to Manhattan’s skyscraper jungle, one can find just about anything in the Big Apple. Great food (especially Italian), tempting shopping outlets and a truly magnificent night life. New York is centre of the world to many including the United Nations and considering its image position it has to present the best value in the Top Ten, especially with a weak Dollar and a competitive market. The exceptionally high taxes for residents are the main drain though.

Generally Beijing is relatively cheap compared to Europe or North America, but still it is one of the most expensive among cities in Asia. Sights in Beijing are things that will define your impressions; historical sites, beautiful landscapes and sprawling parks make Beijing a walkers dream. At Perpetual Traveller we feel this city will rise in proportional cost in the next decade, so try to see it now the Olympics have passed and its still affordable.

If you like clean living and logical order, Singapore will not let you down, as this is the Swiss city of Asia. The environment comes first with plenty of green throughout. Singapore is unquestionably the most cosmopolitan city in Asia. If you can afford $9.701 per Sq. just think how close you would be to the rest of Asia with affordable air travel and the worlds No. 1 consistent service airline in the last two decades.

So there you have it a tale of ten cities! We trust this information was useful for your future relocation planning and we welcome your comments with personal experiences.