Greetings from Oroklini

Greetings from the village of Oroklini where the summer is in full swing and the weather is Habanero HOT! An Irish friend of mine visiting the area said that going outside here is like walking into a massive Hairdryer!

Traditionally July marks the beginning of the PEAK TOURISM SEASON across most parts of our fascinating planet. Naturally, in the climate of a recession destinations and resorts in all corners of the world are expecting the worst, however best estimates forecast a 7 – 10% decrease in Tourism overall. If that holds true in times of a depression that many media channels report as the worst since the second world war, the impact on Tourism will not be quite so dramatic as expected.

There will of course be winners and losers in the great summer escape. In particular resorts with non-euro currencies are expected to do well this year or destinations with excellent value for money. Tourism is also expected to GO LOCAL, whereby families will choose to vacation in their own country for a change. Some destinations are taking a proactive approach such as Larnaka that leads our Worldwide Events table in July with a plethora of Events, concerts and activities.

Enjoy July wherever you choose to be!

Grant Holmes