Worldwide May Events and comment

May has arrived with the usual fanfare of celebration across the globe, but sadly also to the Swine Flu outbreak scare, which originated in a rural area of Mexico and has almost brought the capital Mexico City to a stand still, which in synergy with the recession is a double blow for their economy.

This is subsequently not the moment to state to any immigration officer across the planet that ones last port of call was Mexico! Isolation, quarantine and a visit to the local Hospital are the minimum expectations for any traveller that merely sneezes in front of an official at the airport.

A Hotel has been quarantined in Hong Kong, travelers originating from Mexico are not welcome, countries are implementing tough measures and over the period of just days the world has been consumed by the 21st Century swine fever media. In such instances the international 24 hour Media can be an advantage providing advance warning for travellers to stay home; on the other hand it can be a curse hyping up the issue, closing businesses without need and affecting future travel planning, especially for the case of Mexico. The poor Mexican Tourism Board must be in meltdown just now readjusting their Budgets for 2009 and wondering how the hell they can market their way out of this unfortunate globally televised health nightmare.

Meanwhile the world continues with its celebrasted events, the essence of which we are pleased to present you as follows…

Cyprus, Labour Day 1st May 2008
With a new Labor left Government recently elected (February 2009) the beat of the “Labor Day” drums, marches and festivities seemed stronger than ever this year in Cyprus. All principle towns celebrated with great fanfare May 1st in Cyprus from Larnaka to Limassol and Nicosia to Paphos. The air in Cyprus is sweet this May, with the last chance opportunity of reunification on the immediate horizon. Many Islanders chose to take the opportunity to spend the day with friends, family and loved ones on both sides of the border, to enjoy a day out somewhere or anywhere, as there is always something going on. Visit Cyprus and see for yourself and as the Cyprus Tourism Organization says you will surely “Love Cyprus”.
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Rome Italy, May Antique Fair 1st – 31st May 2008
Bric-a-brac, heirloom or priceless relics; there is a fair chance of finding one or all of these among the many stalls that are set up along the Via dei Coronari every May. A wonderful month to visit Rome, as its not quite so inundated with Tourists like the other summer months and the weather is usually a comfortable shade of mild (not too hot), with perfect conditions of course for antique shopping and/or sightseeing!
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Cirko - Helsinki Contemporary Circus Festival 6th – 13th May 2009
Helsinki celebrates the art of circus at this annual festival. Venues across the city play host to troupes from around Europe, featuring impressive stunts and feats of colorful gymnastic displays.

Cannes, Cote d’Azur, France: Cannes Film Festival 13th – 24th May 2009
The Festival de Cannes is considered by some as the most important film event in the world, with more than 4,000 journalists among the 30,000 accreditees, representing the entire spectrum of the motion-picture industry. A host of Celebrities will attend with crowds of dedicated fans traveling for miles just to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars on the red carpet. No doubt the Champagne will flow at the exclusive parties surrounding the event will too!
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Monaco: Monaco Grand Prix 21st – 24th May 2009
Nearby to Cannes, the Monaco Grand Prix (Grand Prix de Monaco) is a “Formula” One race held each year on the Circuit de Monaco. Run since 1929, it is widely considered to be one of the most important, exciting and prestigious automobile races in the world. The Grand Prix consists of 77 laps around the narrow, winding streets of Monte Carlo, making the Monaco Grand Prix the most stylish, thrilling, exhilarating and crowd pleasing on the planet.
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Edinburgh, Scotland: Edinburgh Ghost Festival 8th - 17th May 2009
This year’s paranormal festival offers a wide range of exciting events which allow people the opportunity to explore and examine under supervision the truly ‘haunted’ nature of this extraordinary city. Mary Kings Ghost Fest is on its 4th Year and promises to be an extraordinary event, if you like this kind of thing of course and have the stomach for it!
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Belgrade, Eurovision Song Contest 12th - 16th May 2009
A record number of 42 countries will be represented at the 54th converted Eurovision Song Contest. Like last year the contest features two Semi-Finals! The 12th of May will feature the first Semi-Final and on the 14th of May the second Semi-Final. The actual final will take place on the 16th May and as ever the contest is wide open and no doubt we will see some more political and tactical voting taking place, that has plagued the contest in recent years!
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Belfast, Balmoral Show 13th – 15th May 2009
The Balmoral Show is Ireland’s largest agricultural international show, featuring show-jumping competitions, falconry displays, sheep shearing demonstrations, a craft village and a Kids’ Zone where there is a climbing wall and baby animal farm. After the great success of the 2008 Balmoral Show, where huge crowds of visitors attended for 3 days of sunshine, excellent entertainment and a record number of livestock exhibitors, plans are now underway set-up for the 2009 Show. The Bolddog Lings, who are a motor cycle display team, will be the main attraction this year in the Main Arena, where International Show Jumping and Falconry displays will also take place. This years Show will offer its usual extravaganza of color, competition and showmanship along with daily displays of pedigree horses, ponies, cattle, sheep, poultry, pigs and goats.
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UK, Chelsea Flower Show 20th – 24th May 2008
The Chelsea Flower Show attracts horticulturalists, gardeners, admirers and those connected to the industry from around our colorful planet. In all there are approximately 600 exhibitors in total. The show will feature around 50 gardens and more than 100 floral exhibitors in the Great Pavilion. International exhibitors come from countries as far away as the Sweden, Barbados, Sri Lanka, France, Holland, Germany, Australia, Jamaica, South Africa, Trinidad & Tobago and Zimbabwe.
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USA, Las Vegas the Police live in Concert 23rd May 2008
I thought we should include this one! Yes “The Police” are back! An Event not to be missed, especially for those thousands of nostalgic fans of Police across the globe and everyone that appreciates the dieing art of “Rock Bands”. A portion of the proceeds from this tour will be donated to Water Aid, an international NGO founded in 1981 and dedicated to reducing poverty by improving access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene education. Hence, the Police are now sending more than a message in a bottle, when it comes to water linked to Poverty!
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That’s it for May, which is a really stunning list of attractive events. I only hope that you can travel!Have a great May!
Sharon Mckinley
Perpetual Traveller