Perpetual Travellers “Top June Events”

Genoa Italy 30 May - 1 Jun “A Thousand Sails”

La Regatta delle Antiche Repubbliche Marinare - (A Thousand Sails) is held every four years in the fascinating city of Genoa, this historic boat race and procession has been staged since 1956. As well as costumes and spectacular boats, there are scenes from medieval history and a race between teams of contestants from the ancient maritime cities of Genoa, Pisa, Venice and Amalfi. More specifically this traditional regatta is held in the bay of Genoa's Porto Antico.

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St Petersburg, Russia: White Nights Festival 15TH May - 5th July  

The White Nights Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia is an annual international cultural event. The White Nights Festival consists of a series of classical ballet, opera and music events and includes performances by Russian dancers, singers, musicians and actors, as well as famous international guest stars. The Scarlet Sails celebration is the culmination of the White Nights season, the largest public event anywhere in Russia with an expected attendance of about one million people, most of whom are students from hundreds of schools and colleges, both local and international.

The White Nights Festival is officially organized under the egis of the Saint Petersburg City Administration. The festival officially begins in May with the "Stars of the White Nights" at Mariinsky Theatre and ends in July of each year. However, many performances in connection with the White Nights Festival may often take place before and after the actual White Nights time frame.

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Fez, Morocco: 15th Annual World Sacred Music Festival & Tour 30th May – 3rd June 

Travelers from all over the world will meet in the holy and mysterious city of Fez - Morocco, for the 15th Annual World Sacred Music Festival. A sacred place and a noble event where leading musicians of world calibre will share sacred music from the spiritual traditions of both East and West. Join in the spirit of this unique multi-cultural event and experience the beauty and majesty of the world's most moving sacred music. "Creative Pathways" is this year’s theme. 

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Reykjavik, Iceland: Independence Day 17th June  

Celebrated throughout the country, 17 June commemorates the day in 1944 when Iceland gained full independence from Denmark. The day is honored with all manner of events taking place around the country and particularly in Reykjavik ranging from parades and parties to street theatre and live music performances. The day itself is actually the birthday of Jon Sigurdsson, the peaceful campaigner who is largely credited for being the architect behind Iceland's move towards independence. The day is a national holiday throughout Iceland and a welcome escape from the current troubled times.

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Krakow, Poland: Lajkonik Festival 18th June 

The Lajkonik is a parade through the streets of the city's old town celebrating historic events that have surrounded the city since its founding 1400 years ago. One part of the parade is to remember the defeat of the Tartars, also known as the Mongols, in 1241. In the procession a man dressed in Mongol attire with a wooden horse around his waist is followed by musicians, young children and revelers. 

Starting from the 12th Century Convent of St Norbet, the march lasts for hours until it finishes at the historic market square, which incidentally is the largest medieval square in the world. 
This festival has taken place every June for the past 700 years, indicating the mark the invading forces left on the city. The historic city of Krakow is where Pope John Paul II was born.

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Athens, Greece: European Music Day 18th June - 23rd June  

Each summer solstice, members of the European Music Day network (aka Fête Européenne de la Musique) organize free concerts all around the city. The European Music Day is gladly entering its 10th year of existence in Greece. Only in Athens, more than 800 music acts or 6.000 artists have shared the experience with 500.000 attendants… so far!

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Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain: Grec Arts Festival from the 20th June 

The Grec 09 festival in Barcelona opens on 20 and 21 June, with the show 'El jardí dels estels' (Garden of Stars), by the great Italian masters, Marcello Chiarenza and Alessandro Serena.

Festival de Barcelona Grec, originally simply known as Grec, is one of Europe’s top cultural festivals, offering a blend of national and international productions. It was born in 1976 when a group of theatre professionals began demanding more playhouses and a higher profile for their profession. Over the years, Grec expanded into dance and music, hosting top names.
The Grec Festival is a Barcelona's largest annual Dance, Theatre and Music Festival with a huge programme of wonderful events in many venues in the city. There is something for everyone!

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London, England: Wimbledon Tennis Championships 22nd June – 5th July

Anyone for Tennis? The Championships, Wimbledon, commonly referred to as Wimbledon, is the oldest major championship in tennis. It is also regarded by many to be the most prestigious tennis championship in the world. Held at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in 
London. The Lawn championships at Wimbledon have developed from a garden party atmosphere to a highly professional event attracting over 500,000 spectators.

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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada: Vancouver International Jazz Festival 26th June – 5th July

This year’s Festival features over 1800 musicians from Canada and around the world. Many free performances including large outdoor concerts, eight major indoor concert series, and a host of nightclub shows. Over 510,000 people attended last year’s Festival.

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Malta Moby Concert 28th June  

World-renowned DJ and songwriter Moby will be performing in Malta at a concert at the Gianpula fields on June 28.

The American musician shot to fame with his classic Play album in 1999, and since then has sold over 20 million records worldwide, winning scores of awards in the process.

Moby has been making music since he was nine years old, playing classical guitar before releasing his first single Go in 1991. His music has been used in hundreds of different films, including Tomorrow Never Dies and The Beach.

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