Increased rights for EU passengers

Undoubtedly the EU is taking a Global lead in protecting Air Passenger rights, which at Perpetual Traveller we whole heartily approve of. Its only a shame that IATA (the air transport association) and IAPA (internationa air passengers association) do not do more to support such measures on a global scale. 

Thanks to EU intervention, a technical fault with the engine on a plane is no longer considered to be an exceptional circumstance, according to a ruling from the European Court of Justice. 

As a direct result, airlines are now obliged to compensate passengers if a flight is cancelled due to that old addage "a technical problem". 

The only exceptional circumstances, that are now considered according to the European Court of Justice, are the following... 

- Acts of terror 
- Sabotage 
- Manufacturing faults on the plane 

Subsequently, technical delays could now give you a financial boost for the hassle! 

Grant Holmes 
Perpetual Traveller