Greetings from Vienna Airport

Greetings from Vienna Airport where red is the colour. Here they take Security seriously and for some non Schengen flight the Passport Passport control is at the gate, along with a second security check and 3 checks of ones Boarding card.
On the topic of security at airports, which is a process that few people like and all experienced travellers know could be handled more intelligently so as not to alienate passengers, we are often asked how can one make the experience a little smoother.
Well to start with what you actual wear when dressing to be processed through airport security can make a difference. Here are some tips...
1) Avoid wearing a belt, so that you do not have to put it on and off again in public within confined. All your efforts should be focussed on retrieving your personal items. Wear elasticated trousers or closer fitting trousers.

2) Carry a light empty pouch (preferably with a zip) then place your watch, rings, bracelets, coins and metal items inside so that a) you don't lose anything b) everything is in one place and c) you can put the items back on in a more comfortable place away from the confinement and hassle of the security area.

3) Always wear a Jacket or Blazer, which has many uses, such as somewhere to hold your Passport and Boarding card, a pocket to place your pouch in and other potential valuables such as a Smart phone or sunglasses in the top pocket.
4) SHOES: Do not wear shoes with metal buckles to avoid taking them off. In the event you are forced to take your shoes off (many airport authorities insist) then always wear your most comfortable slip on shoes to avoid having to untie and tie up again your shoes in a confined public space, with other people pushing you from behind to move on.
The above information will be contained within a Security report coming soon to Perpetual Traveller.