Greetings from Incredible India!

Greetings from the Indian Culinary Academy in Hyderabad, a city of 10 million inhabitants that is widely known for its exceptional Chefs, Doctors, Dentists and IT experts.

It is therefore no surprise that the cuisine in the city is varied with spices and of a high quality. Meanwhile, Medical Tourism is growing fast in Hyderabad with emphasis on cosmetic and essential operative surgery, which takes place in Hospitals that are akin to 5 star Hotels with high quality services and exceptional Medical care, all at a fraction of the cost in the west. Indian Surgeons tend to get more practice with a growing population, which contributes to their competence.

The outsourcing trade and IT in general has taken a turn for the worse of late, as a consequence of the global recession. In particular the Satyam IT Company account manipulation with Real Estate, caused their bankrupty only 6 months ago and resulted in the loss of around 25,000 jobs.

Elections are now taking place in India, which is the worlds oldest and largest democracy. With around 16,000 candidates to choose from for the election, its no wonder that the process takes a complete month. India is a BRIC country and an emerging super-power, so these elections are important to future development. Let's trust that everything passes peacefully in the country that will have 1.6 billion people in 2020.

Happy May Day

Grant Homes
Perpetual Traveller