Eurostar links UK with Switzerland

Eurostar high speed rail service has introduced through fares for as many as 18 Swiss cities.

The development was made possible as the Company teamed up with Lyria, which operates high speed trains between France and Switzerland, to provide passengers with 1 complete ticket for the entire journey.  

The key Swiss cities covered by the deal are Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich, Basel and Bern and the speediest journey involved are 6 hours 28 minutes to Geneva, 6 hours 19 minutes to Basel and 6 hours 50 minutes to Lausanne. The trips to Zurich and Bern both take more than 7 hours in total. 

Would be passengers will need to transfer from the Gare du Nord, where Eurostar arrives in Paris, to other main stations in the city. Return fares start from under £100, which is generally more than the Budget Airlines are charging, however potentially more convenient and hassle free. 

Eurostar’s Director of Communications Simon Montague said: “We are always looking at ways to facilitate greener travel throughout Europe on high-speed trains - we will continue to explore the various opportunities that will allow us to extend our range of destinations in the future.”

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