Distrust of the Italian Airlines leads to growth on the track

In December 2008 a third more travellers were reported using the super new train service of Italy affectionately called "The Frecciarossa" which commutes between the mega cities of Rome and Milan. 

Clearly the Italian Railway is launching a competitive challenge to Alitalia, Air One and the Budget Airlines that frequent the skies of Italy. 

As I travel around Italy frequently, it comes as no surprise to me that would be travellers are seeking reliable and comfortable alternatives. All too often passengers are treated with contempt in Italy or treated as an inconvenience at the airport. The lost luggage situation and luggage handler pilfering of items in transit is notoriously bad in Italy and I recommend all travellers to try and avoid checking-in luggage. This would be true for neighbouring France also. 

Concerning the positive development of the Frecciarrossa (meaning Red Arrow) and its clean streamlined high-speed service that covers the 600KM journey from Milan to Rome in just 3.5 hours, it is a welcome alternative service that transports passengers from one centre of town to another. No nasty Security checks here or long drawn out queues at every juncture of the process. 

Let's hope that they expand the services offered to more cities and that the airlines in Italy wake up meanwhile! 

Grant Holmes 
Perpetual Traveller