Greetings from Cyprus Airways flight to Milan

Perpetual Traveller Greetings from the air on board a Cyprus Airways flight from Larnaka - Rome (FCO) - Milan (MXP), which is a new double drop service. Who said that Business class is all but dead in Europe? Despite the fact the plane is a little tired, the food and service is really quite reasonable. Well done to state-owned Cyprus Airways who also bucked the Aviation trend in Europe by making a 2008 post tax profit of 1.7 million euro.

The Republic of Cyprus receives around 2.4 million tourists annually of which Cyprus Airways carries around 1 million making their aviation contribution critical to the country. Cyprus like all other Tourist destinations is apprehensive about the coming summer, as no one knows for sure how many in the western world will take a vacation in this widely reported year of gloom.

I’m bound for my Hotel room the security of which is the theme for Perpetual Traveller this week. Hotel Security is becoming an increasingly important consideration, especially in view of the unfortunate Mumbai attacks, so we dedicate this issue to top security tops. Meanwhile, the other thing we do not seem to be able to predict much in advance is the weather. Hypo Global features a fascinating common guide to Global Warming, which spells our in simple terms the main challenge of our age. La Dolce Vita offers an insight to Barcelona.