Green Greetings from the Troodos Mountains

Green Greetings from the Troodos Mountains of Cyprus, which was the centre of activity this past Bank Holiday weekend on the Island. Monday was a National Holiday in Cyprus called "Green Day" whereby traditionally families and loved ones go for a picnic in the parks and rural areas of the country with special emphasis on the Troodos Mountains region. Sadly Monday was a grey day, which has been the norm in this winter of unusually (at least in recent times) frequent rainfall, which is in stark contrasts to the two previous years of virtual drought and water shortages. On the bright side, this means that at least the mountains were Green on "Green Monday", even if the sun did not appear too often, so you can’t have it all! What truly fascinates me is all the Cypriot families rushing to see the snow in the mini ski resort at the peak of the Troodos Mountains. They travel from all parts of the Island just to catch a glimpse of the crisp snow and the children seem to view this like something from another planet.

The origins of Green Monday comes from the first day of Lent. It is a day of joy, laughter and vegetarian picnics. Green Monday is followed by a fifty day fasting period, during which Christians prepare themselves to receive the Redeemer, shunning meat and dairy products and living on a purely vegetarian diet.

Happy Green week!

Grant Holmes
Perpetual Traveller