South Africa: Drug Smuggling Prompts Tighter Security for South African Airways

Greece: 2 Prisoners Escape in Helicopter for Second Time

TSA Investigations, Confiscations and Closures

India: Threat Puts Airport on Alert

Japan: Dozens of Passengers Injured by Airplane Turbulence

Unmanned Aircraft Patrols Begin on Northern Border

United Kingdom: South African Flight Crew Suspected of Narcotics Trafficking

Pilot Aborts Takeoff After Bird Strike on Runway

UK Pilots Oppose National Identity Card Program

Fireball Over Texas Not Space Junk

Greeting from Larnaka Airport

PT Airport Review

Profile on Tunis

Minister Threatens to Fire Guyana Air Traffic Controllers

Corporate Plane Makes Ocean Landing Off Australia

Advance Passenger Information Alerts Customs to Potential Smuggler

24 People Die in Brazil Plane Crash

India: Presidential Helicopter in Near Miss in Mumbai

Top 10 Events February 2009