Here’s a thing, if you travel frequently I’m sure you can empathize that it’s not just the actual flying that bothers our kind, it’s those ongoing progressive fears of long flight connections we desperately try to avoid or worse still, the enemy of the Traveller – dreaded delays, which slows us down and takes dissolves our passion to fly!

What can one do when locked in what appears to be at the time an age within one of the most undesirable airports imaginable, no facilities, no decent services or VIP Lounges? Over the years I have personally notched up a purchase in almost every Airport, I have frequented, mostly by habit rather than need. As an avid consumer, I cannot believe I'm saying this, but it’s beginning to bore me, as Airport retail spaces all too often offer the same old Duty Free thing or at least they look and feel the same! Nothing original and preciously few uniquely inspired goods, instead the same old regurgitated so called Duty Free shops, with similar repetitive brands; so what can a PT girl do with so much spare travel time available and few entertainment options?

Imagine this scenario, you’ve landed in Simon Bolivar Caracas International Airport and have an onward flight to Lima, Peru in the early hours of the following day, you’ve done the shops, which are closing in front of your eyes and still have 10 hours of waiting time to survive due to this unfriendly flight connection. The VIP lounge is closed and your only comfort is a solid cold public seat - the WAIT begins in earnest and your only companions to pass the time with are the travel tools you skillfully brought with you JUST IN CASE!

Essential “Travel Tools”

I used to tease my partner when he traveled, as I couldn’t believe…
(A) The size of his carry on bag
(B) The weight of his carry on bag
(c) The amount of Travel Tools he used to bring with him
I'm pleased to say that these days he still has lots of updated “Travel Tools”, however his carry on bag has evolved into a rational pull-along Samsonite, both leaner and lighter! It wasn’t my constant teasing that did it, instead it was natural causes, due to his aging hunched back-ache. No kidding he used to carry around 9 kilos on his shoulder!

It’s only now I appreciate though, the importance of “Travel Tools”, so I conducted an in-depth research for Perpetual Traveller. For your reading pleasure please find below my conclusion of the most useful items….

Laptop (King of the road)
Preferably a light Laptop with a long-life Battery, built in quality Speakers, Microphone, Skype enabled Camera and WiFi. The average modern Laptop battery-life lasts 3-4 hours. Ensure you are fully loaded with the following complementary essentials:-
• Email
• Skype
• Movies (recommend the free player VLP, it plays anything!)
• MP3 Music
• Headset

Data Card or Dongle
For your laptop Internet connection, wherever your WiFi lets you down.

Wi-Fi Scanner
We recommend the 2nd generation Wi-Fi Hotspot Detector from Canary Wireless. This is the ultimate Wi-Fi accessory! The dynamic Hotspotter provides network ID, signal strength and accessibility information for multiple networks at a glance. Just push the scan button and the device collects and displays information on up to 20 Wi-Fi networks.

Privacy screens
Ideal when someone sitting next to you starts to invade your Personal Zone (46cm – 1.2M)! Privacy screens and computer privacy filters can be purchased for your computer, notebook or laptop. This tool is designed for open, high-traffic environments where on-screen data needs to be kept private. It utilizes 3M's blackout privacy technology, which makes on-screen data visible only to those directly in front of the monitor. It will not blur or distort the image whatsoever either.

Quad Mobile phone
Same rule applies as to Laptops; select a Mobile Phone with an excellent battery life. Currently the average Mobile phone battery lasts 6 hours. Moreover, ensure you are fully loaded with these complementary essentials / accessories:-
• Bluetooth
• Minimum 3 Mega pixels Camera
• MP3 player (if you do not have an independent one)
• Infrared
• GPS / G3
• Quad Band
• Push Email
• WiFi connection

Battery Charger
- Plug In
- Manual
- Solar (help the planet and to cover every eventuality)

ipod or MP3 Player
- Music (including music videos)
- Recording – to capture your ideas and thoughts
- Language Course (learn on the move)
- Other Audio Courses or short stories
- Mini Videos

Local SIM card
A great way to reduce roaming costs, if you travel frequently .
Alternatively try

A “Good Book”
If Electronics is not your thing, you can’t beat a “Good Book” and a Blanket will always prove useful if you need to lye on the airport floor or you feel cold quickly in the Airports heavily air-conditioned environment.

All the above “Travel Tools” will keep you connected or at least occupied on your journey to avoid email overload and surprises when you get back to the office.

Sharon Mckinley
Perpetual Traveller