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Desperate times call for desperate measures; that’s the phrase in the air within the Airline Industry today. The reality of escalating fuel prices means that Airlines are busy analyzing and literally weighing up all the options to balance costs. Airlines are looking at a number of ways to streamline flight costs thereby reducing onboard weight, considering the weight and fuel cost ratio. Everything and everyone is being brought into question.

As travellers we thought it was unfair when airlines stated charging for overweight baggage and then by moving the goalposts downwards. Ryan Air was likely the worst offender when it came to baggage control charges, however at least they kept their promise with low cost passenger tickets. This can’t be said for the Big Boys (National Airline carriers) who jumped on the bandwagon by not only charging high ticket prices, but also nailing unsuspecting passengers for elevated excess luggage too!

Now for the SHOCK; think about this. How would you feel i…